I have never seen my gift as a burden. I find it greatly humbling. Somehow being selected by “spirit” to act as a representative for them is amazing. To be so trusted with such delicate, beautiful messages is quite special, wonderful.

4.Intrusive, recurring thoughts. This could be your own active mind, or you have an intruder bothering you. If the thoughts seems very foreign to your own thoughts, even random, especially if it feels like a negative running commentary, simply ask your new friend to take a walk out the door or call in Archangel Michael like I did to be the bouncer.

One thing many may not know, however, is that today’s science is also producing evidence that life is also beyond what meets all of our other senses as well. Recent studies show compelling evidence that our ability to understand and interact with the world around us can be sensed and experienced beyond the five senses. Evidence suggests there is a “sixth sense”.

Remove the tips and split the wings at first joint. Clean it well with water and dry it on a paper towel and put some garlic salt on it. Combine eggs, water and cornstarch; turn it into a kind of soft batter. Deep fry the wings in oil after dipping the wings into the batter.

What I remember most about the day I went to see a psychic is her drawing on a little piece of paper a meditation technique for connecting with MY spirit guides. She also suggested I read Pete A Sanders’ book You Are Psychic. The best way to describe what I was feeling at that moment is to compare it to how someone might feel after receiving a medical diagnosis of a disease they had never heard of, but were given strong hope of a cure. The irony of that statement is unbelievable when you look at the feeling of being “off” or being “disconnected” from Spirit as the disease and the cure as learning how to get in touch with your Divine Self, but you don’t know you have a Divine Self yet. I was in a fog with why anyone would recommend these things to me and invite me to learn more. She was so gentle and unconditional in her approach that I felt empowered by our visit.

The molecular theory of magnetism mandates that, when magnetized, all molecules in a magnet are aligned with their north pole facing one direction and their south pole facing the opposite direction. This theory only applies when the substance is magnetized, as any other time the poles would face random directions.

Her first act happened, by chance, in the grocery store. My friend asked one of the employees, “Who could use a smile?” She was introduced to a young man who worked in the produce section. She gave this virtual stranger a hug and treated him to lunch. He was just some random guy who needed some kindness. Ten minutes after meeting him, she was back filling her cart with groceries when her new friend found her and handed her a thank you card. Her small, yet random act of kindness not only made this worker feel appreciated, but I’m sure it made my friend feel as if she were honoring her loved one.